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About mobilecanyon.com

With mobilecanyon, you can have a mobile game without any software or technical knowledge.
All software coding and development processes are done by mobilecanyon for you.
How ?
1- You choose 1 game on our site.
2- Choose a service to improve your game (optional)
3- If you want to choose a special menu for your game, choose your graphic
4- Place your order. Our team will contact you immediately with the contact addresses you will provide during the order and will guide and inform you step by step.
After your game is loaded: 
You only have to advertise your game, the more people download and play your game, the more you earn. There is no end to the earnings in this industry. People all over the world are users for you. FacebookGoogleinstagramYouTube You can now promote your game much more conveniently and easily to the whole world thanks to social networking platforms such as

Why should I own a mobile game? (advantages - gains)

It is now very easy to take part in the mobile game industry with mobilecanyon. Today, working from home is now everyone's dream and you don't have to pay tens of thousands of TL for it anymore!

– When you own your own mobile game to your audience You own it and you can manage your audience however you want.
– The whole world is your potential customer.
– Your game from america also, from china also easily downloadable
– You can manage your users and receive advertisements specific to your game.
You do not need to set up a company
– Your users can play from anywhere in the world with in-app purchases cards They can shop with.
– The mobile game industry has no disadvantages such as shipping, delivery time, returns
– As your game is played you will earn income You can easily track your income through your Admob account.
– You can develop your game with project folders yourself if you wish.
– Asks for your winnings dollar whether...or euro as you can get.
– Your earnings are deposited by Google into your bank account.
Google Analytics You can see from which country and city your game is being downloaded more, and you can access detailed data such as age range, time spent in your game, gender, number of instant players.
– Mobilecanyon supports and informs you to take part in this sector. In any situation that may occur, our expert support team will guide and assist you.

What is Admob?

Admob is the account you need to open for ads to appear in your game.
The Admob account you opened is connected with your game and advertisements start appearing in your game. You earn income from these ads.
You can track your earnings through your Admob account.

What is google play console?

Google Play Console is the account required for your game to be uploaded to Google play.
You can easily open it without any activation and verification by paying $25 to Google.
You can do the following through your Google play console account:
– You can view and reply to those who star and comment on your game on Google Play.
– You can browse download statistics about your game by geography, gender, phone models..
– If you have purchased the in-app purchase service on our site, you can easily manage the store products and prices in your game.

Is the project folders included in the price?

After your game is uploaded to Google play, your project folders are sent to you with their final versions.
Why is it sent after upload? 
Our customers may want some changes in their games during the preparation of their games, and the game project is specially prepared for our customer. Therefore, after the game is completely completed, the files are delivered to our customer with the final version.

What is the delivery time ?

Your game will be loaded and delivered to your account within 2 days after your order.
Delivery time can be up to 7-8 days during our busy periods. remember that this time will affect how fast you will do the transactions.

Where do my earnings go? where can i see it?

The money you earn every month is the money you open.admobIt is deposited to your bank account by the ” account. admob which bank to deposit he knows ? admob When creating the account, admob from you bank in your information will want. So your earnings are given every month you are deposited into the bank account.
You can track your earnings through your Admob account.

What should I do after order?

After your order, our team will reach you from the contact number you will give during the order and guide you step by step and inform you.

What is included in the game prices?

Graphical Changes (reskin) in the game, we replace and deliver the graphics in your game with brand new and updated graphics. 

Your Admob Ad Placement. 

Integration of in-app purchases (if applicable) 

Rewarded video ads integration (if applicable)  

Downloading the Game (We will upload your game to your Google play account) 

Preparing the Google Play Store Images, Icons of the Game, Preparing the Game Description and publishing..

How should the Game Selection be?

When choosing a game, the first thing you should look at is the average age audience of the game. wide appealing to an audience arcade (one finger) games with only certain to the part Strategy games that appeal will not be the same. arcade an 8-year-old in child in a 40 year old person easily can play. However arcade games are a game where a lot of time is spent in the game compared to strategy games. category is not. It will be better for you to make your choices in this direction.

Is the game installed on my own google play console account?

The game you will buy through our site will be uploaded to the "Google Play Developer" account you have opened.

Do you make custom games from scratch?

Unfortunately, we do not have a game-making service from scratch. make a game from scratch graphics,sound ,animation,scenariorequires editing and software much it takes time and you can have great times according to the game you want. this That's why we don't provide game making service from scratch unfortunately.

Where can I see my daily monthly earnings?

You Have Unlocked Your Earnings”admobYou can view it through the ” account. 

Do I have to constantly advertise my game?

  • No, just the first at the stage you will do ads with Your game will continue to download by itself after a while. however remember that the more users download it, the more revenue it earns that much will increase It will always be the most logical to advertise from time to time. We highly recommend that you develop your own advertising strategies. 

For your orders of 5000 TL or more, you can complete the 2nd game. %50 discount !

Sitemiz üzerinden yapacağınız 5000 TL ve üzeri alış verişleriniz de 2. oyunda tam %50 indirim kuponu sizleri bekliyor. Kuponunuzu istediğiniz zaman kullanabilirsiniz.

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