A brand new Battle Royale game with much different graphics and animations, the aim of your users in the game is to collect valuable items scattered on the map by jumping from the plane and to fight against the enemies. Your users can climb on top of the buildings in the game, enter and find more items and weapons. The enemy system in the game is made with Pro AI, so there are incredibly realistic artificial intelligence enemies. With artificial intelligence enemies that are no different from real users, your users will have a great war game experience. The game has an advanced store system.

Weapons in the game:
1- Sniper weapon (sniper)
2- Machine gun
3- with pump
4- Gun
5- Sniper – Sniper 2
6- m16 machine gun
7- ak 47

The target audience of the game: 8 – 22 years old

What do you earn in this game?
– Interstitial Ads: there is
– In-App Purchase: yes (Large Store System)
More Weapons  : none (can be added)
– Rewarded video ads: none (can be added)


For this Game, your estimated monthly earnings per 1000 active players are: 1200 TL – 4500 TL

Can the game be developed in the future? Yeah

Our Customers Who Bought This Game will get a discount coupon for the 2nd game.

Is there anything on your mind? FAQ or guide Check out the section.

What do we do after purchasing this Game?

1- We change all the graphics, including the menu and buttons in the game.
2- Background music and sound fx's in the game are being changed.
3- Your Admob ad account is connecting.
4- In-app purchases, if any, are integrated and activated.
5- Your game icon is being designed
6- Your Google play store images are being prepared
7- We prepare your Game Description
8- After testing your game on tablets and phones, we upload it to your Google Play Console account.