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For this Game, your estimated monthly earnings per 5000 active players: 6500TL – 10500TL

(earnings estimates are based on game category, frequency of ads and number of downloads)

A magnificent game with its structure consisting of 50 sections, your aim in the game is to try to pass to the next section by hitting all the squares on the screen. With its increasingly difficult and complex structure, much more challenging tracks await your users in the advanced sections. PolyAngles, which is in the casual game category, is a professional game that your users of all ages will love to play with its structure that appeals to a wide audience.

What do you earn in this game?

– Interstitial Ads: there is
In-App Purchase: can be added
Rewarded video ads: can be added
more episodes : can be added
more features : can be added

What do we do after purchasing this Game?

1- In the game menu and buttons We change all graphics, including.
2- In the game background music and sound fx's are changing.
3- admob your ad account is linked.
4- In-app purchases, if any, are integrated and activated.
5- google play console your settings are being made
6- Google play your privacy policy specially prepared for your game (english)
7- game iconyour are being designed
8- Google play your store images getting ready
9- Game your explanation we are preparing
10- After testing your game on tablets and phones, we upload it to your Google Play Console account.

General Information

Can the game be developed in the future: Yeah

Our customers who buy this game will get a discount coupon for the 2nd game.

Is there anything on your mind? FAQ or guide Check out the section.

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2- Google play console account FROM HERE open

Google play console account is the account you need to open for your game to be published on google play. Through this control panel, you can manage your game comments, download statistics, description of your game, images, in-app purchases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT ARE privileges?

We give equal and full support to all our customers without exception.
In addition, all our customers who buy games from our site: How do I advertise? , Advertising ideas , Using the control panel , Curious about , Earning tactics etc. to all our articles and videos. free have access rights.

Our expert team informs and guides our customers who place orders, not only before the order but also after the order.

Why should I own a mobile game? (advantages, gains)

It is now very easy to take part in the mobile game industry with mobilecanyon. Today, working from home is now everyone's dream and you don't have to pay tens of thousands of TL for it anymore!

– When you own your own mobile game, you have your own audience and you can manage your audience as you wish.
– The whole world is your potential customer.
– Your game can be easily downloaded from the USA or China.
– You can manage your users and receive advertisements specific to your game.
– No need to set up a company
– Your users can shop with their in-game Cards from anywhere in the world thanks to the in-app purchase feature.
– The mobile game industry has no disadvantages such as shipping, delivery time, returns
– You will earn income as your game is played, you can easily follow your income through your Admob account.
– You can develop your game with project folders yourself if you wish.
– You can receive your earnings in dollars or euros.
– Your earnings are deposited by Google into your bank account.
– With Google Analytics, you can see which country and city your game is being downloaded more, and you can access detailed data such as age range, time spent in your game, gender, number of instant players.
– Mobilecanyon supports and informs you to take part in this sector. In any situation that may occur, our expert support team will guide and assist you.

Are you making games from scratch?

We do not have a game-making service from scratch. Making a game from scratch takes a lot of time, whether graphics, sound, animation, script, editing and software, and you can have great times depending on the game you want. That's why we don't provide game making service from scratch.

What should I do after purchasing the game?

After your order, our team will reach you from the contact address you will give during the order and will guide you step by step and inform you about the sector.
– After ordering, you can contact us at our numbers in the contact section.

Can more than one person buy the games?

All of the games on our site are games prepared for you, our valued customers, to get to know the industry and to take part in the industry with low fees. Therefore, more than one of our customers can purchase and customize a game. Our customers, who are just starting to make games from scratch, are faced with long project deliveries, which are generally very difficult to afford. You can get to know the industry and improve your game more on our site at much more affordable prices.

Do you provide the project folders?

After your game is uploaded to your Google play console account, the final project folders are sent to you in a licensed manner.

How many days is your delivery time?

Our delivery time is 2 days after your order. This period may increase to 3-4 days on some dates depending on the density. In this case, the customer is informed.

How much do I earn?

There is no limit to the earnings in the mobile game sector, it is possible to earn either 1000 TL or 50,000 TL per month. The more your game is downloaded and played, the more ads your users will see, so your earnings will increase at this level.

How much does your most earning customer earn?

We do not have access to our customers' admob accounts, so we cannot see our customers' earnings. We care about customer privacy. For this reason, we do not include the information, ideas and earnings of our customers on our site.

How long do you offer free support after order?

We offer a total of 3 months of free support and revision service, starting from your purchase date. During the support period, all your updates, changes and revision requests are made free of charge. After this process, our customer can extend the support period as much as he wants by purchasing our 6-month update and revised service package.

What improvements can be made to the games?

All the improvements you can think of can be made to the games you will buy on our site, the limit of this is your imagination. Our team can make all the improvements you want, including new episodes, new characters, animations, graphic designs, for an additional fee.