Head Ball game is an advanced game where you enter encounters with artificial intelligence with an offline structure. In addition, if you want, additional challenging sections such as head volleyball, head basketball can be added to the game, subject to an additional fee. The game is open to development. Your Admob ads are placed and delivered.

What is Starter Pack?

It is the package we have created for customers who are new to the sector and want to gain experience.
Purpose of this package:
– Our customers getting to know the industry
– Follow and understand statistics in the console
– Reviewing Admob revenues and following different strategies in the next game
– Growing of the game in Google play and getting to know the Google play console

The game is prepared with everything and uploaded to google play. All you have to do is introduce your game.

What do you earn in this game?

– Interstitials
For this Game, your estimated monthly earnings per 1000 (active) downloads are: 200 TL – 600 TL (your monthly earnings will increase as your game downloads increase)

Can New Episodes Be Added: Yeah

Our Customers Who Bought This Game For Game 2  get a discount coupon.

Is there anything on your mind? FAQ Check out the section.


This game is not exactly the same as the original head ball game on Google play. It is not an online game. Starterpack is a simple game based on artificial intelligence.

What do we do after purchasing this Game?

1- We change all the graphics, including the menu and buttons in the game.
2- Background music and sound fx's in the game are being changed.
3- Your Admob ad account is connecting.
4- In-app purchases, if any, are integrated and activated.
5- Your game icon is being designed
6- Your Google play store images are being prepared
7- We prepare your Game Description
8- After testing your game on tablets and phones, we upload it to your Google Play Console account.