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For this Game, your estimated monthly earnings per 1000 active players : 1150 TL – 3500 TL
(earnings estimates are based on game category, frequency of ads and number of downloads)

🏆Game Description

Candy Crush is an amazing game that your family, loved ones, friends and users will love to play and spend hours on. Your goal in the game is to bring 3 fruits of the same kind together and complete the level objectives. If your users purchase your in-app purchase service, they can purchase game currency from the in-game store. For more detailed information and gameplay, please watch the promotional video.

Game visuals are equipped with brand new animations by us in 2020. Sound effects are a game made with care.

There is also a Level Editor in the game. that is, if you want to add new sections to the game in the future, it makes it easier and possible.

The game consists of 30 chapters, if desired, it can be delivered as 100 chapters with a difference of 500 TL.

🏆[wpsm_highlight color="green"]What Do You Earn Money From In This Game?[/wpsm_highlight]

– Interstitial Ads: there is
– Rewarded Video Ads: none can be added
– In-app purchase: none can be added
– Can New Episodes Be Added: Yeah



Our Customers Who Bought This Game For Game 2 0 get a discount coupon.

Is there anything on your mind? FAQ Check out the section.

🏆What do we do after purchasing this Game?
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1- Your game is left and started

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2- All graphics including the menu and buttons in the game are replaced with new and licensed graphics. (this process is repeated with every game purchase)

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3- Your ad integrations are done (rewarded and interstitial ads)

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4- If you have special requests in the game, settlements are made

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5- Your store images and descriptions are prepared for your game to be uploaded to Google Play.

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6- Your game is tested on tablets and phones

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7- Your game is uploaded to your google play console account and published

🏆General Information
The target audience of the game:
10 – 35 age
2– Can the game be developed in the future?yes (new chapters, new characters, new maps, new graphics, new animations etc.. our expert team will add it for you)
3- for this game 6 month oldCONSULTANCY” is free.
4- Your game will be streamed and downloaded around the World.
5- Advertise your game instagram,Facebook,YouTube,gHeHeglto You can easily do it in places like
6- You can follow your users and get statistics about them from your Google Play administration panel.
7- You can easily change the in-app purchase prices in your game via your administration panel.

!  Always your requests for the game whatsapp support You can send it to our software team from our line or you can get ideas and suggestions from our expert team.


Our Customers Who Bought This Game For Game 2  get a discount coupon.

Is there anything on your mind? FAQ or guide Check out the section.

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