SEO of the mobile world The concept of ASO, which we can describe as “ASO”, basically means organic user acquisition for more downloads of mobile applications. As you can imagine, the rules of ASO are determined by mobile application markets such as App Store, Google Play and Nokia Store.

In fact, there is no need to talk about how big and valuable the mobile application world is, but let's talk about it briefly. Research shows that people today use their mobile devices. 2 hours a dayIt reveals that he spends about a long time, and this figure is undoubtedly increasing day by day.

63% of applications are downloaded as a result of a search in application markets.

If we need to consider ASO from another point of view; When you publish a mobile application, there are several ways to get more downloads of your application: advertising outdoor or TV, sending e-mails to people, appearing in web and mobile-based searches of search engines such as Google, advertising on the Internet, mobile advertising, in application markets. to appear in search results and to be discovered in application markets. As you can imagine, the last two items represent ASO.

Key factors for ASO

As you can imagine, the main factors affecting Mobile Application Markets Optimization are:

  • application name
  • description text of the application
  • app logo
  • application video
  • app publisher brand
  • specially crafted screenshots of the application
  • and of course keywords.