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Did you know that many well-known people, from the biggest youtubers to the biggest social media phenomena, have made their mobile games with We have been representing the mobile game industry in many countries in the world for exactly 5 years. Now you can have a professional game too and no software knowledge is required!

Are you ready to own your own mobile game?

No software knowledge is required, our team will do all the operations for you, we will fulfill all your requests for you. We are an 8-year mobile application development company serving 8 countries. 

Why mobile game industry?

It is now very easy to take part in the mobile game industry with mobilecanyon. Today, working from home is now everyone's dream and you don't have to pay tens of thousands of TL for it anymore!

– When you own your own mobile game, you have your own audience and you can manage your audience as you wish.
– The whole world is your potential customer.
– Your game can be easily downloaded from America or China
– You can manage your users and receive advertisements specific to your game.
– No need to set up a company
– Your users can shop with their in-game Cards from anywhere in the world thanks to the in-app purchase feature.
– The mobile game industry has no disadvantages such as shipping, delivery time, returns
– You will earn income as your game is played, you can easily follow your income through your Admob account.
– You can develop your game with project folders yourself if you wish.
– You can receive your earnings in dollars or euros.
– Your earnings are deposited by Google into your bank account.
– With Google Analytics, you can see which country and city your game is being downloaded more, and you can access detailed data such as age range, time spent in your game, gender, number of instant players.
– Mobilecanyon supports and informs you to take part in this sector. In any situation that may occur, our expert support team will guide and assist you.

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Remember that every startup starts with an investment.


The mobile gaming industry is a developing industry. When you own a mobile game, you do not have to pay any monthly rent, you can take care of your mobile game while you are dealing with your own business, you can have your own audience, you can manage your audience, you can make special advertisements and deals. You can check your earnings. Advertising is simple, as your game will rise in the stores as it gets downloads, the downloads will increase at this level.


step by step

Admob account FROM HERE You can open it.

Admob is the account you need to open for ads to appear in your game. You can follow your earnings through your Admob account. You can open it quickly for free.

Google play console account FROM HERE You can open it.

Google play console account is the account you need to open for your game to be published on google play. Through this control panel, you can manage your game comments, download statistics, description of your game, images, in-app purchases.

Place your order by adding the game suitable for your budget and the appropriate services to your basket on our site.
Our team will reach you from the contact number you will give during the order and will guide and inform you step by step.

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