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Who are we ? What we do ?

Our aim is to provide professional service to our Corporate/Individual customers who are considering taking part in the mobile game industry, which is a rapidly growing sector in Turkey and in the world.

It is to show our customers that investments can be turned into a profit and that it is possible to invest in the mobile game industry without any software knowledge.

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You need to know!

Before purchasing or purchasing a game, you need to open 2 accounts.

These ;

* admob, FROM HERE You can open it.

* Google Play Console FROM HERE You can open it.

*This is the account you need to open for ads to appear in your Admob game.

*The account required for uploading your Google Play Console game to Google Play.

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How much do I earn? IMPORTANT !

1. As the mobilecanyon team, our aim is to make our customers who do not have software knowledge become game owners and make their dreams come true.
 In the software and technical part, our team helps you to grow by helping you in all matters.

2. Advertising or promoting your game is entirely your own thing.
 therefore it is impossible to predict your earnings. 

3.  Your game needs to be downloaded and played for you to earn, the more people download and play your game, the more ads they will see, the more your earnings will increase.

4.  You will be able to monitor your earnings instantly through the ADMOB account you will open.

5. You just make your game selection and leave the rest to the mobilecanyon team, after the game selection, our team will guide you step by step.

6. You earn from ads and in-app purchases in your game.
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Manage Your Game

With our expert team, we can improve your game the way you want.

 Some of those : 

- We can add new sections to your game 

- You can manage your store in your game via your console panel and set product prices by country.
- You can display ads specific to your game. eg: show ads 1 time in every 2 sections or show ads to your users in every section. 

- New characters or visuals in the style you want can be added to your game 

- We can add language option to your game 

- We can create Leaderboard for your users by adding Scoreboard to your game.
- We can develop custom sound effects for you
- We can change the difficulty of your game according to your wishes.
- You can direct your users as you wish by sending notifications to your game through your panel.
- With our consultancy service, we provide free technical support to all our customers who order games.
and we are with you, our valued customers, in every subject you can think of.

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Analysis and Advertising

You can follow all the details about your mobile game instantly on your management panel.

This is awesome ! because you manage your own game and you can achieve a magnificent growth with your own analysis. 

Some features you can follow from your panel: 

- from which country your game was downloaded 

- Number of downloads per day, hour 
- Time spent in your game

- Daily deletes of your game

- The audience that downloaded the most your game by gender

- In which age range is your game played the most?

- Earnings tracking and forecasting

- your earnings statistics by countries and cities 

- Your estimated monthly and daily earnings
- Bugs in your game
- Your user comments 
- Game crashes and reports

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I bought the game, what should I do?

After purchasing, sit back and wait for your game to be prepared by our expert team 🙂 

After purchasing your game, our team will reach you through our whatsapp support line, informing and guiding you on all necessary issues.

Some of those :

– Determination of the game name.

– Necessary settings and information for advertisements to appear in your game.

– Authorization and information required for the download of the game.

– General information and help about the industry.

Your game is completely uploaded to your accounts and you can check all the statistics about your game through your administration panel.

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The final step

The final estimated price is :

Congratulations, now you can choose game and own your own mobile game 🙂


Description Information Quantity price
Total :

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