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This service has been prepared by for mobilecanyon customers. Remember that mobilecanyon is a software company that only makes mobile games. It is entirely up to you to make money from your games and to advertise your game.

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mobile game earnings calculator

It is the total number of downloads of your game, Calculated considering that your total downloads are the same and will never change. but in real life your downloads are constantly increasing.

Ad frequency (calculated for users who play your average game for 10 minutes per day, it is the total number of ads they will see in 10 minutes)

Total number of people who downloaded your game: [item-205_quantity]  The recommended ad budget is half of this number:  [item-205_price]

Suggested ad platforms: Consult the team

Your average monthly earnings [item-208_price] Number of ads shown (per person): [item-206_quantity] Total.

Your estimated annual earnings. (includes invalid clicks)  item-209_price] 

*The ad frequency you will set above will give the most accurate result between 3-6. If the ad frequency is too little or too much, the Admob algorithm changes and gives less profit than the first seen ads. Therefore, earnings estimation becomes very difficult.
*If your game gets downloads from abroad, your earnings level will increase 2-3 times compared to Turkey. 
* Don't forget to analyze your Game's target audience before advertising your game. Advertising your game to the audience it will appeal to will allow it to get more downloads. Advertising without blind analysis will cause you to waste your budget.


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