It does not require software knowledge, for a fast and big step..

Make a mobile game

Build and manage your own game!

until now 600 project delivered
until now 4000 consultancy service provided
in total 1000000 over download


Manage your income, analyze, improve your game..

passive income source

Users continue to download your game as long as it is included in Google play, without having to deal with your game at any time and every minute. That way, revenue continues to come from everyone who plays your game. You receive your earnings in dollars. 


Manage the users who downloaded the game, get detailed information about the users, watch what they do in the game and how they are in the episode.

Language Option

Add a language option to your game, your game will be automatically displayed in the language of the downloaded country from whichever country it is downloaded.


Publish your game on Google play for free or paid. List your game on Google Play at the price you want, make discounts. Manage prices.


Follow your earnings instantly with Admob, follow which country users your earnings come from, view your daily and monthly estimated earnings. Compare your earnings compared to the previous month, improve your game more by making detailed earnings analysis.


Add new characters and visuals to your game. Let our expert team change the characters and all graphics in your game according to your wishes. 


Send notifications to all your users, set automatic notifications, keep your users updated about the game. 

Shopping centre

Make real money sales in the game! Sell game money, game objects, life rights.. You can always edit the prices and products in your store from your Google play console panel.

make it harder

Adjust the difficulty level of your game, make your game more difficult by adjusting the ease and difficulty levels

Your accounts are safe

Your game is loaded to the account you have opened with authorization without giving a password and username!


* Your game is broadcast all over the world
* Your google play store graphics are prepared
* Your game icon is prepared
* Your Admob ad integration is done
* Your re-skin process is done
* Graphic and animation designs
* Free technical support
* 6 months free revision!


Here are the answers to all your questions.

You are ready in 4 steps!

Choose your game

Choose the game that fits your budget on our site.

Open your Admob account

your admob account FROM HERE  open

Google Play Console

your google play console account FROM HERE open

Now you are ready!

Buy the game from our site, our team will upload the game to your google play account and guide you step by step.

Are you ready ? Make your game selection and order easily!

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